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c7000 using only 1 VC

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c7000 using only 1 VC

Hi all,

I have read that the c7000 half height blade (BL460c) port mapping connects...

NIC1 - Interconnect Bay 1
NIC2 - Interconnect Bay 2

If I have only purchased 1 VC which is going to be install on interconnect bay 1, is it possible to configure NIC2 to be able to connect to the VC interconnect bay 1?
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Re: c7000 using only 1 VC


Two VC module gives you redundancy. With one VC module you will able to see both NIC ports.
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Re: c7000 using only 1 VC

Ok right now I have a different plan to implement. What if I have the following below

BL460c G6
add on MEZZ NIC 2 port(This gives me 4 NICs)
and 2 VC Enet.

I plan to install the 2 VC on interconnect bay 1 and bay 3

after that I team NIC1 - NIC3 and NIC2 - NIC4

Am I still able to achieve redundancy here?
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Re: c7000 using only 1 VC


pls have a look first at the document below so you have a better understanding of the basics of the port mapping, this should help you resolve this.

Check page 17 onwards :

Figure 9 on page 20 is what you need to look at.

Just install both VC Eth. interconnects in bay 1 and 2 and you will have NIC redundancy.
There is no way you could team the NIC ports if you don't have them connected to a interconnect, because in your example with the additional mezz card (2 NIC ports) only one of them is connected to a interconnect, not both.
If you add a extra 2 port NIC mezz card, you need two additional VC Eth. interconnects to be able to use them.

Your scenario would be easier in a C3000, but then the redundancy at the interconnect level is different.