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Error SB40c

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Error SB40c

I have error on partner server after enable sb40c:
1783 - Slot3 Array controller is in a lock-up State due to a hardware config failure (controller is disabled until the problem is resolved)
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Re: Error SB40c

First, make sure you have last P400 fimware on SB40c, and last firmware on partner server.
Also, make sure you have last ROM version on Sb40c (I think it must be 2.20) - in order to update SB40c ROM connect to OA with telnet and run
"Update device blade "
You need to shutdown partner Blade before

But most likely it is hardware problem with SB40c.
We buyed 11 SB40c in 2008, and HP already replaced 4 of them because different hardware problems.