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Re: Export device list from OA's


Export device list from OA's

We currently have over 9 c-class enclosures with a mix of full- and half-height blades and do most of our work through the Onboard Administrators. More often than not, I forget where a particular blade is located. Now we do make use of daisy-chaining the management interfaces for each enclosure within a cabinet but I'm looking for an easy way that I can export the Device list for each enclosure. My goal is to post this exported list of system names, slot location, and hyperlinked iLo address neatly into a spreadsheet or webpage.
Does anyone have any ideas? s
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Re: Export device list from OA's

How about using Systems Insight Manager (SIM). You can even configure SIM for single signon, so you don't need to re-login to the OAs and ILOs.

While your at it, you might as well review the entire Insight Control Suite.
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect
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Re: Export device list from OA's

IF you ssh into the OA you can issue the commands:

show server info all
show interconnect info all

This will display a complete list of components. You can then cut and paste the list into the file of your choosing
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Re: Export device list from OA's

If you want to Move all these info " Manufacturer: Product Name: Part Number: System Board Spare Part Number: Serial Number: UUID: " try
" Show server info " as suggested by Jimmy Vance.
If you Just want the ILO IPaddress Try these commands:
show interconnect list
show server list

In both cases you command work at Enclosure level, you need to Do it 9 times in your Case.