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HP Virtual Connect - Design with no vertical Stacking

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HP Virtual Connect - Design with no vertical Stacking

Hello all,

Here is the situation :

Right now in position 1 and 2 we have 2 Flexfabrics that are working fine. Many blades are using their LOM and are accessible.

We installed in position 3 and 4, 2 new Flex-10  but we have not stacked those with the 2 flex-fabrics.

Basically what we want is that some blades use a mezzanine card to use the uplinks of the Flex-10, and ultimately use also their LOM ( and therefore the Flexfabrics ) for the SAN only.

Knowing that there is not vertical stacking link ( prerequisite for security reason ), is it do-able ?

We installed a new blade with a mezzanine card in the right slot, we assigned a profile to use the mezzanine card for LAN traffic and LOM for SAN but it is not working, network interfaces on the blade ( system is ESX ) are staying down.. We also removed the SAN configuration in the profile to use only MEZZ  ( and therefore only flex-10 for this particular blade ), still the network interfaces are down...( and DCC state is unavailable ).

We have errors in the VCM saying that there is an issue with stacking links but we were told that this type of setup should be working anyway.

Do any of you have a feedback with a type of design with no vertical stacking ? I would strongly appreciate.


Thank you.

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Re: HP Virtual Connect - Design with no vertical Stacking

What comes to my mind is that VCM needs to be running in bay1 or bay2. If You do not stack the VC modules, I think this is impossible. You can't have two vc domains inside one enclosure.

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Re: HP Virtual Connect - Design with no vertical Stacking

All Ethernet modules in a Domain must be stacked to be supported and working properly.
The minimum Domain size is 1 entire enclosure.

so to remain supported you need to run cables from 1 to 3 and from 2 to 4.
If you configure the VC uplinks and profiles properly, there will be no bleed over between the modules from the network side and only mgmt traffic will be passed over this link.