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Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

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SB40c Firmware Upgrade

My c7000 Onboard Administrator is claiming that firmware "2.20" is available for my SB40c, but that it only has "1.20" installed. So I went looking for the firmware so that I could upgrade it, but the only firmware I see as being available for the SB40 is for the disk controller to bring it to 7.22, (which I know already is on the update DVD).

Anyone know how to bring that firmware up to spec?

Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

Hello Derek,

Follow these steps:
First update the OA firmware and then you can update the SB40c storage blade from OA CLI.

- Telnet into the OA
- run the command SHOW UPDATE to list the current and latest f/w versions.
- run the command UPDATE DEVICE BLADE X (where x is the bay number)
- you can also run UPDATE DEVICE ALL to update all upgradeable f/w components this way.
- make sure to power off the server blade that is the partner with this SB40C first, if not it won't do the upgrade.

â ¢ Command:
[{ , | - } ]] | ICBAY [ALL | [{ , | - }
]] | FAN [ALL | [{ , | - } ]]}

â ¢ Description:
The UPDATE SHOW (or SHOW UPDATE) command displays enclosure devices that are available for
firmware upgrade.
The UPDATE DEVICE command executes the firmware upgrade process on one or more available
enclosure devices.

â ¢ Access level/Bay level:
OA administrator
â ¢ Restrictions:
The UPDATE DEVICE FORCE ALL command is not allowed. You can only update single devices

Murali Mohan
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Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

Thanks! Will have to try that during our next maintenance window!

Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

Sure, just update the result. And, the best way to update is the Smart Update Firmware DVD, as this will take of the dependencies and sequence.

Smart Update Firmware DVD:

Refer the "HP BladeSystem Firmware Deployment Tool User Guide" for deployment options:

Also, refer the "HP BladeSystem Firmware Maintenance - Compatibility Matrix"

Murali Mohan

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Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

Well, the Smart Update Firmware DVD (at least version 9.20B) did absolutely nothing for the firmware on the SB40 blade itself, which is what led me to asking this question in the first place.

As part of our provisioning policies, any time a server is (a) built or (b) rebooted, it is re-updated by the most-current firmware DVD. It was after I deployed a new server using an older SB40 from backstock that I noticed "hey, that SB40 still has old firmware according to the OA. What's up with that?"

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to manually update it from the OA itself. :-/

Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade


1. to upgrade the firmware on the sb40c

2. first shutdown the adjacent server that is using it.

3. SSH or Telnet into the c7000/c3000 enclosure Onboard Administrator command line interface

4. execute the command [ show update ]




5. from the list verify the location of the sb40c

6. execute the command [  update device blade X  ] where X is the location of the sb40c

7. type the word YES and press enter to begin the update

8. if the adjacent server that is using that sb40c is not shutdown the OA will indicate update failure

9. the update takes a few seconds and has a progress bar of asterisks to indicate when its complete

A. when the update is complete the asterisks will change to the word "success"








Re: SB40c Firmware Upgrade

Hi all, sorry to hihjack this thread but I've got an SB40c-related issue and you're obviously using yours already (I hope your F/W upgrade went OK BTW).

Rather than retype my issue (TL;DR - can't see the SB40c via the blade in order to create a storage volume), if you get some time can you review this link and see if you can help me out with a process?

Thanks in advance,