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stacking between horizontal rows

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stacking between horizontal rows

I'd like to use the following:

2xVC Enet 1/10Gb modules in ic bays 1&2 for attaching to server NICs, with a vnet (A) using these two as shared uplinks.

2xVC Flex-10 modules in icbays 5&6 for a different vnet (B) with downlinks to 532m mezz cards on ESX server blades.

Question: do I need to stack these two rows together? They won't be part of the same VNets and won't share any link speed.

The reason for asking is that VCM is complaining about a critical stacking failure.

stacking them, just to get rid of the error seriousley reduced the core uplink potential of the domain. (because I only have CX4 cables)
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Re: stacking between horizontal rows

I remember that those can't be members of the same VC domain if no stacking is available between 1/2 <--> 5/6

So it's mandatory to stack the modules.
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