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riser cards


riser cards

What would be the way to identify which network adapter sits on wchich riser card? I tried powershell Get-NetAdapterHardwareInfo and wonder if the Bus property would explicitelly identify net adapters plugged in to the same riser card or maybe not necesarily?

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Re: riser cards

Hello Yaro,

A very good question that I recognize myself in working remote a lot with our HPE servers.

Normally I'm looking at the computer management > device manager > view by connection.
On most servers the higher the PCI slot the higher the PCI ID that you see when looking at the PCI bridge Properties.
On some newer servers the iLO system overview page would indicate some good data as well and on linux dmidecode.

Your powershell command will of course show it only for Network cards. 

I hope this helps a little bit? It however would still not show the BUS SPEED itself; the unofficial tooling that I use for windows for that is CPUZ where I then make a report in TXT and from there I look at well at the PCI bridge or device and match what with the speed of the bus that we do allow as well; this could be come handy sometimes to isolate performance issues as well where like a 16/20/32GB PCI device is put into the wrong PCI slot that only supports like x8 or lower.
Cheers, Jeroen



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