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Re: proliant 800 doesnt complete post

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proliant 800 doesnt complete post

Hi, I just got an old Compaq proliant 800 dual 180MHz computer with a single scsi disk of 2GB, and a external scsi card. I removed the external scsi card, and the old scsi disk plus cable. and the pluged in a 40GB IBM ide disk to the ide master.

Now when I boot it i get the following error:

172-System Configuration Nonvolatile Memory Invalid
Initialization Aborted

1702-SCSI Cable Error detected, system board
System Halted

I wish to run the erase configuration manager and then install a new configuration where I disable all scsi ports on the mobo. But I can't get it to boot the Erase floppy... I have set switchbank1 switch8 to on so it should of boot of the floppy but it doesn't, it seem to regonize there is a floppy in the drive, and the keep on booting.

What key should I press if any, to get it to boot of the floppy?

Re: proliant 800 doesnt complete post

I am sorry, but you cannot do that. Proliant servers do not support IDE disks. The IDE interface is read only, and is there to allow CD-ROM p,layers and the like. The system needs at least one SCSI disk to put the system utilities and operating system on in a proces that runs from a SmartStart CD-ROM.
Link for this way of setting up the server:

The following document might give you an idea of the procedure:

You can search the HP website for more information on your server and the way it works.

After that you can add an IDE PCI card to the server and configure your IDE disk on that. As long as you run your operating system from the SCSI system disk you can use that for all other purposes, your programs and data.

Have fun.
You can always improve!