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HP SIM - Health Status = Unknown

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HP SIM - Health Status = Unknown


I've recently upgraded to HP SiM ver 6.1. A large majority of my systems are now reporting their Health Status as "unknown" (blue question mark) or "disabled" (grey box).

All these systems/targets were fine before the upgrade.

There are still a few that vary from critical, major and warning but these agents that are reporting as Unknown are starting to cause problems as we do not know if they have faults or not.

Any ideas?
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Re: HP SIM - Health Status = Unknown

I'd check the upgrade documentation to see if (a) this is expected after the upgrade or (b) some one-off utility should have been run in order to convert some internal data.

It also looks you are not the first person to have problems with HP SIM. Use the search utility at the top of this page and you'll find 51 postings about various SIM issues at lots of different version levels.
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Re: HP SIM - Health Status = Unknown

Ok, that attached file from the OP was an image buried in an rtf file that was itself zipped and this whole stack was built with some sort of Microsoft Windows tools. The attached file is a decoded version of that stack, after converted it into a PDF format file containing the image.

(That long stack of Microsoft stuff was itself a clue, and the cited HP SIMH version doesn't exist on VMS AFAIK...)

This is a question is involving HP management software on Microsoft Windows. Not VMS. You'll likely get a better answer over in the "Management software and system tools" forum"

Reposting this after a posting failure.