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Re: "Version Control Agent Trust Relationship Problem"

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"Version Control Agent Trust Relationship Problem"

Hi - I'm running HP SIM 6.1 on W2K8R2.

The following symptoms are happening on some (but not all) servers:
- Server is discovered, Managed System Setup Wizard has run etc. All complete without any errors.
- I can click on the various headings (HS, MP) and because the systems trust each other the relevent angents launch without having to go through another sign-on process.
- Version Control Agent: if I access the VCA through the "Tools & Links" screen then, as mentioned previously, the tool launches and I access the VCA without an additional sign-on
- However, if I try to access the VCA via the "SW" icon, or from the System Status/Health Status screen then I get the following error message:
"Version Control Agent Trust Relationship Problem
Be sure that a trust relationship exists between the HP Systems Insight Manager and Version Control Agent on the target system.

Consult the help for more information about setting up a trust relationship."

I've tried the Configure/repair agents option to re-establish the trust but this ahs no effect. Hopefully the screenshots will explain things better!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: "Version Control Agent Trust Relationship Problem"

Try changing the link settings to systems' fully qualified domain name or IP and then re-run sw status polling.

Link Settings is available under Options->Security->System Link Configuration