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MSl2024 encryption help

New Member

MSl2024 encryption help

We have an MSL2024 autoloader. We also purchased the HP 1/8 G2 and MSL Encryption Kit. I was able to setup the encrption on the 1st usb key. I am trying to make a backup of the key on the second usb key. I get the following error at the end of the restore:

HE: Key Server token resotre process did not complete.


Re: MSl2024 encryption help

Hi dsimmons,

I am Tom Gregory, from HP's library engineering group. Please send me an email with more information about your problem.
I am at I would like to understand if when you say 1st usb key and second usb key you actually mean the the two token keys that were the main part of MSL Encryption Kit or if the second one is actually a usb memory. I will help you resolve this issue. thanks. Tom