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Manually failover VRRP

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Manually failover VRRP


We have some VRID instances running on a 5406zl (master) / 3500yl (backup). I'd like to force the backup router to become primary (for a firmware upgrade...), but haven't found any cli command to manually do it on 5400/3500 ?
I've also tried to change the priority of the master from 255 to a value lower than 100, but the 5400 answers 'VR operation must be 'down' prior to modifying VR's parameters.'

Any idea ? or should I disable/unplugge all links to backbone network from the master and forget my firmware upgrade "over the network" ?

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Re: Manually failover VRRP

I guess you need to disable the VR in the 5406 first by doing a :
"no vrrp vrid enable" (assuming you are already in the relevant VLAN)

Then you can make your VRRP configuration changes like designating as backup or owner.
using these commands ( from a vlan context)
"vrrp vrid backup/owner"

Hope that helps in someway