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HP 1810 vlans

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HP 1810 vlans



Just wondering if I can get some advice please as I have never setup vlans before.


Current setup
Draytek 2820 router

HP 1810 48 port smart switch.
The wan connection is just a standard adsl at the moment.
The environment is multiple small offices, 10 of them, all the offices need internet access, but to be separate from each other for data security.  At the moment test vlans are setup on a HP 1810 smart switch like so;
Vlan 1, PVID1, port 1, default management vlan
Office1, PVID2, ports 2,3,4,5 all untagged, port 48 tagged
Office3, PVID3 ports 6,7,8,9 all untagged, port 48 tagged
Office4,PVID4 ports 10,11,12,13 all untagged port 48 tagged
Internet, PVID 20 port 48 untagged, but all other ports are tagged


1 ethernet cable from router to port 48 on the switch providing internet
Vlan1, 2 and 3 all access the internet fine and cannot see each other, but vlan 4 or any further vlans cannot access the internet.  I can only assume the limitation of 4 vlans is from the spare draytek 2820 that I used.
Can anyone advise the best router solution for this kind of setup please.


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