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LAN Link Aggregation + Load Balancing

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LAN Link Aggregation + Load Balancing


we have a server (with a Gigabit nic) located in room #1 and a NAS (with Gigabit nic) located in room #2. Both rooms are connected by eight Cat 5 cables. Maximum throughput over each cable is slightly more than 100 MBit/s.

In every room we have a 1810-24G v2 switch. Is it possible to aggregate the eight links to a virtual line with an effective throughput of 800 MBit/s?

As regards LACP I read that each source machine always uses the same cable, so that an aggregation of the eight lines would only be useful if we had several servers to backup, each able to use a portion of 100 MBit/s (one cable) of the virtual 800 MBit/s. In our case, our single machine should be able to get an effective throughput of 800 MBit/s to the NAS.

Is this possible with these HP switches and if so, which protocol should we use?

Thanks a lot for your advice!





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Re: LAN Link Aggregation + Load Balancing

Hi tantalos2,


As you rightly state, you could LACP the links but as the choice of link to use is based on SA/DA it is unlikely that you will see any improvement in link utilisation. The only way to increase througput from one source to one destination is to increase the line speed.


Are you not able to utilise one of the Gig ports on the 1810 switch to connect the two rooms?


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