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Use VLAN for this setup?

New Member

Use VLAN for this setup?


I got a SAN which I will connect to three ESX servers through two HP ProCurve V1910. These switches will also contain management traffic to the SAN and ESX servers, as well as management traffic for the switches themselves.

All servers and SAN got double NICs for both iSCSI traffic and management traffic. This is set up with redundancy, so that if one switch fails the system will still be up. The two switches aren't connected to each other.

The SAN got two iSCSI modules where each module got two NICs. On each module there are two subnets (192.168.130.xxx and 192.168.131.xxx).

My question is wether it's recommended, or even needed, to set up VLAN for this setup?

Nils Rune



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