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adding disks to DL380 Gen8 RAID array

Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

adding disks to DL380 Gen8 RAID array

We are getting two DL380 Gen8 servers with 12 LFF disk bays and a FBWC P-series RAID controller.


If the bays are not filled and the disks are configured in RAID 5, does adding new disks allow the new disks to be added to the existing RAID 5 array?? And must the server be powered off to add the disks to the array (I would think so)??


Thank you, Tom

Respected Contributor

Re: adding disks to DL380 Gen8 RAID array

You can install additional disks with hot-plug capability, no need to power off (this is mostly true of SAS/SATA in general, but especially so for the HP's... they're designed to hot-swap).

You can add new disks into existing arrays, no problem. That's done in the SSA (Smart Storage Administrator) for Windows, and there's something similar for Linux as well if that's your flavor.

Enjoy the new servers... the Gen8 boxes are a lot of fun. Cool new features over the older gens like the agentless management, and the P420 controllers in them are a nice step up from the P410. ILO4 is also a nice bump from ILO3, the "Intelligent Provisioning" built into the BIOS, etc.

Considering the very first Proliant that I worked on was a "puny" Compaq Proliant 800, it's fun to see how far the technology has come.