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NT install problems on Kayak XU

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NT install problems on Kayak XU

I am having one hell of a time trying to get a fresh install of NT Workstation
4.0 on my HP Kayak XU 6/300 system. The setup program is detecting the IDE
CD-ROM and the SCSI controller for the primary hard drive just fine but it is
not seeing HD 0 which is controlled by the Adaptec SCSI controller. Any
suggestions how I get it to recognize the HD?

P.S. Other setup programs and bootdisks are seeing the HD just fine.
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Re: NT install problems on Kayak XU


1. You may want to recreate your NT setup disks using the Winnt /ox command
just in case there may be something wrong with the original one.

2. Verify your SCSI disk as perscribed by TechNet Article Q126690. Below is a
part of it that may be useful to you.




Verify SCSI Hard Disks:

If the hard disk is a SCSI drive, check the following items:

- Use the SCSITOOL tool on the Windows NT CD-ROM to verify the correct
configuration information for your hard disk.

- Is there a valid boot sector on the drive?

- Are all SCSI devices properly terminated?

- If you are using a passive terminator, upgrade to an active terminator.

- Is the BIOS on the boot (initiating) SCSI adapter enabled?

- Are the BIOSes on all non-initiating SCSI adapters disabled? When the
BIOS on a non-initiating SCSI adapter is enabled, it can experience an
error at startup and/or interfere with hardware interrupt 13 calls to
the initiating hard disk controller, resulting in an inability to boot
or in random hangs during installation.

- Was the hard disk partitioned and formatted using this SCSI adapter? If
not, repartitioning the drive or possibly low-level formatting the
drive may be required.

Re: NT install problems on Kayak XU

If you want the scsi to be the boot drive, set in cmos to boot to scsi. Also
set the drive parameters to none in cmos for the ide drive but leave the ide
interface active. NT will access your ide drive directly, bypassing any
settings in cmos for the ide drives. Also if your using the newest Adaptec
series of controllers there are some tricks on getting the scsi drive to be the
boot drive. Check thier website. Also is the bios enabled on your scsi card for
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Re: NT install problems on Kayak XU

Thanx for the input guys, but I actually got this one solved on my own. It
turns out that SCSI RAID controller that the XU systems utilize is not a
standard recognized by the NT setup program. I used the (S)pecify option and
selected the RAID controller drivers off a disk I made. Incidentally, those
RAID controller drivers are on the Kayak XU Drivers CD under the
F:\fastraid\drivers directory. Thanx again.