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HPE InfoSight keeps advancing and getting smarter


With a decade in the making, HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure. Using cloud-based machine learning, HPE InfoSight has saved our customers over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity through predictive analytics and automated recommendations, transforming how infrastructure is managed and supported. The good news today? InfoSight has expanded across the HPE portfolio and added additional customer experience upgrades and HPE InfoSight keeps advancing.jpgpredictive capabilities.

Last June at Discover Las Vegas 2018, HPE CTO Bill Philbin talked to Calvin Zito about HPE’s vision to extend artificial intelligence across hybrid cloud, driven by HPE InfoSight in this Around the Storage Block video.  We delivered on that promise and in November announced that HPE InfoSight has continued to implement cutting-edge AI technology and has expanded the supported portfolio to include HPE ProLiant and BladeSystem servers, Apollo systems, and Synergy compute modules. Also see the Chalk Talk Calvin did with an overview of HPE InfoSight for Servers on YouTube

Now at Discover Las Vegas 2019, we have gained momentum expanding across the HPE portfolio which includes HPE SimpliVity, HPE Primera, and HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

HPE InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity is an industry-leading HCI solution, recently named March 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for hyperconverged instructure. Our customers love how it simplifies life and brings an experience that makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale. We’re excited to  build on this foundation and enhance the experience with HPE InfoSight. 

The first release of HPE InfoSight for SimpliVity provides our customers with system details for previous capacity consumption, trends, and forecasts to predict when additional hyperconverged nodes will be required. Data protection analytics analyze consumption patterns to identify when backup resources may be at capacity risk, and predictive wellness alerts alleviate common support issues that impact service. These innovative features save customers time and reduces costs. To learn more, head over to our Tech Insiders blog to see more about InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity innovation: Just announced! HPE InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity – AI for the HCI. See the Chalk Talk Calvin did with an overview of HPE InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity on YouTube.

HPE InfoSight embedded in HPE Primera 

With the introduction of HPE Primera, our new high-end storage platform that redefines mission-critical, we have embedded HPE InfoSight algorithms to run natively inside the array. This gives customers the industry’s only end-2-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage.  Embedding HPE InfoSight inside HPE Primera gives our customers two major benefits:

  1. Support for dark sites where customers are unable to send telemetry data outside their firewalls
  2. Real-time insights and recommendations for performance and workload planning

In mission-critical environments, seconds make a difference for sensitive applications—so we architected HPE Primera to have AI run directly in the system. The performance analytics embedded informs customers immediately on any resource contention issues, automatically detecting and determining the root cause to performance bottlenecks. Furthermore, it predicts when HPE Primera is going to be saturated based on past workload patterns and also identifies saturation headroom in the system.

Then the workload insights provide app-aware context, giving our customers predictive visibility into how applications will interact on shared storage. With traditional storage, you fly blind not knowing what the impact will be, if any, when you consolidate apps. Now, with HPE InfoSight running on HPE Primera, you can optimize performance and automate workload planning in real-time and confidently consolidate all your mission-critical workloads at scale.   

Near real-time performance stats for Nimble Storage

At HPE, we also understand that in this high-touch technology world, you need your statistics and information fast. We have launched near-real time performance stats for HPE Nimble. You can enable stats streaming and view your array performance telemetry data in InfoSight in as little as an hour. This provides insights on performance in near-real time and not days or weeks later. Read more in this Tech Insiders blog: HPE InfoSight adds streaming performance statistics for Nimble

HPE InfoSight on the go

We have been working with our customers and iterating on new features to make sure your infrastructure is always on and always fast, as well as making sure life gets easier and the platform supports fast-moving businesses. And so, we have also launched a new Mobile App for HPE Nimble Storage because we understand that the traditional 9-to-5 work day doesn’t exist in a technology-first world. The HPE InfoSight App delivers a world-class, consumer-grade mobile experience for IT admins. Powered by AI-driven predictive analytics, the app allows you to stay on top of infrastructure issues while on the move. Designed as a companion app to the InfoSight web portal, the Mobile App helps users to get alert notifications, see the issues on the dashboard at a glance and collaborate with team members. Download the app now!

Personalization for HPE 3PAR customers

HPE InfoSight for HPE 3PAR now has a new software recommendation engine providing personalized software recommendations, and we will soon be releasing new pages for 3PAR which will bring consistent look and feel to HPE InfoSight for 3PAR, Nimble and Servers. Read this Tech Insiders blog to learn more: HPE InfoSight at the Edge

And to further elevate the customer experience, HPE 3PAR now has enhanced registration with systems registering via 3PAR Service Processor Console in less than 15 minutes. HPE 3PAR also launched near-real time data streaming providing frequent and timely updates to the portal. Also, performance statistics are now available in higher resolution, leading to much granular insights much faster.

InfoSight for 3PAR now has a new software recommendation engine providing personalized software recommendations and we will soon be releasing new pages for 3PAR which will bring a consistent look and feel to HPE InfoSight for 3PAR, Nimble, and Servers. Learn more in this Tech Insiders blog: HPE InfoSight for 3PAR: Customer Experience, elevated!

Stay connected

Read the blog and watch the ChalkTalk videos from Storage Godfather Calvin Zito for a complete overview of our storage news at HPE Discover. Please follow along for the latest updates on HPE InfoSight plus more insights on how HPE continues to pave the way for autonomous infrastructure. Discussions will continue here on Around the Storage Block and also on Servers: The Right Compute.



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I am Marketing Manager for HPE InfoSight. Before that, I led the marketing for the deep learning startup, Nervana Systems, up until its acquisition by Intel in 2016.